gigamax: steps on How to register and start arbitrage trading

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Gigamax registration and account verification

Gigamax Registration

How to deposit in gigamax

To deposit USDT to Gigamax, you must  have exchanger account for example, Huobi, Binance and so on.
If you dont have any account, please singup any exchanger so that you can buy USDT and deposit to Gigamax. Watch a video belo how to buy/ deposit USDT intoyour Binance account.

Deposit money or buy usdt to Binance account

2 products of Gigamax that easy to use

Steps to deposit on Gigamax

  • Open and login into your Gigamax account
  • Choose wallet on then menu
  • Choose which account you wanted to deposit (let’s say arbitrage live trade)
  • Put how much you want deposit, min USDT200
  • Copy the TRC20 USDT address and go to your account/ wallet
  • Copy your transaction TxID and place to hash transaction

Arbitrage live trade minimun amount :200USDT
Pool minimun amount :10USDT

How To deposit Into Gigamax Using Binance

How to use Gigamax Arbitrage Live Trade Platform

The price gap between two exchanger would turn to profit. This happened quickly within seconds.  Gigamax allow you to choose any pair of exchanger for those purpose.

The Purpose of duration trade in Gigamax : 1 /2/4hrs

1 hrs means, your trade only for 1 hour. After 1 hour, Gigamax will stop the trade, and profit will  be compunded with initial capital.

Let’s say, within 1 hours you make 20USDT. Your initial capital was 1000USDT. Then your cumulative account would be 1020USDT.

Then you can use that amount to run again for 1/2/4hours depending on your choice.
But for my personal opinin, I would prefer 1 hour duration trade. Because I can change the pair after 1 hour and looking for another pair that give more profit. If I use 4hours duration, arbitrage live trade will be run for 4 hours. During those time, Gigamax not allow you to close the trade. Only after 4hrs you can change the pair.

How to use pool platform

Stacking your USDT in Gigamax and get rewards. Your USDT will be locked minimum 90 days. After 90 days, you can request to withdraw your capital.
Minimum stacking amount:
you can deposit as much as you want. 

how to withdraw

Step to wihdraw your profit and capital.

  • Login your Gigamax account
  • On your wallet click on wtihdraw option above
  • Choose which wallet you want to withdraw. 
  • Make sure your USDT TRC20 is corrrect, then click withdraw.
  • Once successful, your funds will be processe within 24 hours

There are two types of withdrawal:

  1. profit withdrawal
    Minimum withdrawal was 10 USDT (you can withdraw anytime)
  2. Capital withdrawal. You can withdraw your capital after 30 days. You need to make video and submit in order to make sure youre are the right person that request the fund withdrawal

Note that, there is a fee for withdrawal transaction:

10% + 3 USD per transaction. Below are examples

you want to withdraw 10 USDT
10 usdt -( 10%+ 3USDT)= 6USDT

you want to withdraw 100USDT
 100usdt-( 10%+3USDT)= 87 USDT

You want to withdraw 1000USDT
1000USDT-(10%+3USDT)= 897USDT

watch video below how to step by step withdraw your profit.

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