GIGAMAX IS A BIG SCAM NOw Transferring to Terramax

Gigamax announced that they are shifting to new Web 3.0 and rebranding them as TerraMAX.

It is abviously that, their GIGAMAX brand had bad reputation because of scamming activity.
There are many users unable to withdraw their money and capital as promised since last 2 months.
Their withdrawal still pending until now, only ‘some’ heavy investors got the ‘arbitrage profits’. If you joining GIGAMAX with minimum amount 200 USDT, you will get nowhere and nothing


Based on Securities Commisions Malaysia, GIgamax or TerraMax (rebranding of Gigamax) was not registered with SC Malaysia.
Thus put the investors with high risk.

Gigamax acitivites very suspicious because no one knows their origin and ownership . Maybe they don’t have any office and running only at home, it is possible.

Capital withdrawal pending

Many users face problem to withdraw their arbitrage profit and rewards. Eventhough so many times contacting with Gigamax Customer Service, they are not responding.

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