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What is gigamax arbitrage trading and how it makes profit ?

What is cryptocurrency?


As we all know, cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that doesn’t rely on banks to verify transaction. No third party whatsoever.

Anyone who own digital wallet can transfer to anybody without third party interference across global. It’s like peer to peer transaction. Then cryptocurrency is stored in digital wallet for example, Metamask. 

When you transfer cryptocurrency funds, the transaction are recorded in public ledger. Cryptocurrency is a very good investments if you want to gain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency.

And now, what is cryptocurrency arbitrage? It is a strategy in which investors buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange, and then quickly sell it on another exchange for a higher price. Cryptocurrencies were available on hundreds of different exchanges, and often the price of a coin or token may differ on one exchange versus another.

What is Gigamax arbitrage trading?

Ok, now, what is it Gigamax arbitrage trading? It is a trading strategy that have potential to gain profit.  If you have enough capital , then you are possible to get profit from price differences across exchanges.

This is simple example how it works in arbitrage trading, bot Gigamax will buy certain amount of coins in “A” Exchange and within 1-5 seconds, bot quickly sell to another exchange “B” with higher price.  The price for a coin in exchanges not same, and bot Gigamax will quickly determine which platform should be chosen.

For example price ETH in “A” exchange was 2000USDT, and in “B” exchange was 2100USDT. Price difference was 100USD. However, this is only an example.

Do crypto arbitrage bots works?

Yes, crypto arbitrage bots works! And the best part is they work very well. Bots can react much faster than humans in terms of spotting changes in crypto trading bots are only continuing to get faster and better overtime. 


Gigamax is the latest software-based breakthrough platform, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

The idea is to provide smart technical Multi-trade Exchanges ;with High accuracy transaction Execution Speed and proven to be able to generate extraordinary profits in every entry.

1. Gigamax pool: Gigamax technology

The 1st product in the bot platform that allows you to generate profits even if you have ZERO KNOWLEDGE about crypto.

2. Gigamax Arbitrage Trading

As mentioned earlier, the live Trade product/platform is where you can do arbitrage trading.

You can buy and sell assets simulataneously in different markets to take advantage of price differences and generate profits. That’s why Gigamax arbitrage trading is always choice for traders in GIGAMAX

3. Gigamax copytrade

The Exchanger product/ platform allows you to choose traders that you feel are worthwhile/ reliable for you to follow and ‘copytrade’ them. Of course it make you ease in anyway because you don’t need to think how it works. Simply copytrade and make profit.

4. Gigamax etf

ETF max is a technology that makes it easy to transaction ETF market by executing 3x long and 3x short on the same coin with the same execution time (Buy/Sell)

5. GFC is a trading bot for spot trade, futures trade ,ETF and copy trade (PAMM)

Users may create API Bindings between GFC and several well-known exchanges such as BINANCE, HUOBI, OKX, KUCOIN and GATE.IO. For now 3 exchangers are available and the annual fee is only 50USDT and the minimum purchase of gas fee is 50USDT



Gigamax arbitrage-fast processing in determining profit potential, bear in mind that, transaction here cannot be done by humans because bot are required to perform transaction within miliseconds

That’s why you need the Gigamaxbot to serve you. Gigamax technology risk management system not only focuses on increasing profits, but also reducing the probability of loss. While we are minimizing losses in cryptocurrency trading, and at the meantime, you can use Gigamax at ease and peace.

In performing arbitrage trading, it requires accuracy in analysis, and should execute within seconds to complete transaction. We all know, cryptocurrency price very volatile each seconds changes. But with Gigamax, it performs faster in 1 quick and accurate decision (looking at opportunities or situations that are well analyzed whether they tend to be profitable or less profitable-but still in profit)

How to register gigamax and start arbitrage trading

Follow these steps

  1. You must have any account of these Exchanges, Huobi, Binance, KuCoin. If you don’t have any signup Huobi here
  2. Download APP from Playstore (android) name: Gigamax Pro, or visit a Gigamax web here
  1. Signup using your real name, username, phone number, email address, password
  2. USDT Address (TRC20). For Huobi user, go to Assets–>Deposit–>Choose USDT–>Choose TRC20–>>Copy address. 
  3.  Reff User ID:
  4. Select server, you can choose any server, but mostly users use server 2
  5.  And the last thing you need to fill KYC using your own ID/License card and take picture of your own with ID/License

Watch Video Below How To Register

Watch Video How To deposit

  1. Login your gigamax account
  2. Choose wallet on the menu below
  3. Choose the product (eg, arbitrage live trading)
  4. Enter amount you want tp deposit (min: 200 USDT)
  5. Copy TRC20 USDT address, and open your exchanger. Make sure you have enough USDT in your spot account.
    Choose withdrawal and paste your the copied address.
  6. Go to yout transaction details and copy TxID, and go to gigamax and paste to “hash transaction”. Press confirm. Then wait for a while until success.
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